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Issues You May Face When Installing A Sunroom


Out of all the additions and improvements that people may make to their home one that has gained popularity is the sunroom.  With a sunroom you are creating additional space that may actually be used on a constant basis.  For those looking at getting a sunroom the first step is to contact sunroom contractors in Elmsford NY for information on limitations and rules.  In general, here are some issues you may encounter.

Code enforcement and Homeowner Associations

Typically, the main hurdle in any project is first dealing with code enforcement and the homeowners association.  With code enforcement you need to make sure that it is first legal to have a sunroom or an addition on your home.  Many areas may not allow these for several reasons.  If you can pass the code enforcement laws, then the homeowner’s association will be your next hurdle.

When you live in a place that is governed by a homeowner’s association you will have a set of specific rules and regulations that you need to follow.  Typically, these are common sense rules to help keep the neighborhood looking nice and uniform.  However, there are going to be some places where you get a taste of power and you can’t do anything without jumping through hoops.


Once you are legally and physically able to have a sunroom the next hurdle is going to be the space for your sunroom.  You want to make sure that you are going to have enough space to make the room as large as you want, and it won’t look hideous when completed.  You want to measure out the space that you need for your room and take into consideration what you are going to use it for.

sunroom contractors in Elmsford NY


Finally, time and construction will need to be addressed.  You want to make sure that the project doesn’t go on longer than it needs to be and that your budget is followed.  You also want to be prepared for some construction mess, weather concerns and more.  Other than this, constructing a sunroom is fairly straight forward.